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Project Restore Inc. is a 501(c)3 humanitarian development and relief agency with a purpose to assist in program development that fosters self reliance and sustainability. This is achieved by attention to major inter-related global issues; clean water/sanitation, medical care, education, nutrition and food supplies.





DonateYou don’t have to look far to see that something about the world is broken. There is heartache, injustice, and disease in every community, in every country around the world.

Millions have lost their lives to the HIV/AIDS virus, leaving more than 15 million children orphaned. Every 21 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness. Countless others live quiet lives of desperation as they struggle under the weight of extreme poverty or hunger. And the glaring lack of basic education to millions more only accelerates the downward spiral.

Project Restore was organized to bring change to global issues. We believe that what is broken or damaged, neglected, forgotten, or impoverished has value and beauty. It’s worth restoring. It can be whole, beautiful, esteemed, and rich once again.

We are proud to be engaged in programs and partnerships that enable us to make a difference by focusing on four key issues, we promote self-sustainable, prosperous communities here and around the world.

Our four areas of focus are:

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