You can support Project Restore’s humanitarian endeavors by making a financial contribution.  You can read more about each cause, click the links below.

If you prefer, you can mail your contribution to:
Project Restore Inc.
303 Thomas Terrace
Edwardsville, IL 62025


Help Project Restore Inc. collect simple everyday items that will help make a difference in the health and lives of the children in Africa. Monetary gifts are always very helpful and appreciated, however Project Restore also collects simple items that also greatly helps further our programs.

Items such as:

– Ibuprofen/Children’s Tylenol or Motrin (non liquid)
– Sanitary napkins – Over-the-counter medications
– Anti fungal creams
– Needles and thread
– Gauze
– Geometry sets
– Pens (blue or black)
– Pencils
– Pencil sharpeners (small and classroom)
– Rulers
– Colored Pencils
– Baby blankets (new or gently used)
– Bug spray
– Twin bed sheets (new or gently used)
– Twin blankets (new or gently used)
– Bar Soap
– Tennis shoes (new or gently used)
– Dictionaries
– Encyclopedias
– Chalk for teachers
– Educational supplements for Teachers (all grades)
– Reading or Chapter books (all grades)
– Padlocks
– Atlases
– Maps
– Bathing towels
– Book bags (new/gently used)
– Socks (new-Teen/adult)
– Shoe polish (black)
– Shoe polishing brush
– Hand sanitizer
– Calculators
– Combs
– Handkerchiefs
– Plastic Bowls
– Spoons/Forks
– Tooth Paste/Tooth Brushes
– Soccer balls (new or gently used)
– Because being a kid isn’t always about school and chores: Any type of small games or activities that are easy to transport (uno cards, coloring books, word search books,sudoku books balloons, beach balls, playing cards, puzzles …)
Annual Reports
2009 Annual Report 990,
2010 Annual Report 990,
2011 Annual Report 990,
2012 Annual Report 990,
2013 Annual Report 990,
2014  Annual Report 990,
2015 Annual Report 990
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