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Project Restore’s online catalog offers a selection of gifts that help struggling children and families lift themselves out of poverty to independence and sustainability. Instead of giving material gifts to your friends, family, and business associates this year, honor them with a generous gift to a needy child or family in their name.


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Feeding Programs

There is perhaps no gift more meaningful than the gift of a sustainable food supply.  Project Restore establishes feeding programs in rural African schools to ensure all the school students receive one good meal a day.  However, your gift is much more!  The livestock purchased not only provides desperately needed milk and meat to a malnourished child but it also provides desperate school administrators to be able to sell the excess milk, eggs and livestock at the local market.  Providing a dependable income for the school to pay for additional food for their school’s lunch program (rice and beans), lumber to build desks, income to pay teachers’ salaries, electric bills and to buy desperately needed school supplies and text books.

$10 Chicken
$25 Rice
$30 Pig
$50 Goat
$500 Meat Cow
$1000 Milk Cow


Medical Care

The deadliest predator in Africa is the mosquito. Malaria is the world’s single largest killer of children. Project Restore has waged an aggressive war on malaria in Uganda and has distributed 3,100 Long Lasting Insecticidal mosquito Nets, giving universal coverage to 6 villages!  An LLIN is a mosquito net impregnated with insecticide. The insecticide lasts for 4-5 years. Hence ‘long lasting’.  LLINs work in 2 ways: a mechanical barrier against malaria-carrying mosquitoes that bite at night; they kill mosquitoes on contact. This Holiday Season you can give the gift of a LLIN bed net and truly give the gift of life!

$5 1 Mosquito Net
$5 Bricks for a New Clinic
$25 Medicine and Supplies for 1 Month


Clean Water or Safe Sanitation

The world water and sanitation crisis is one of the largest public health issues facing humanity today.  It is a problem that is killing as many as 5,000 children a day due to an entirely preventable public health crisis.  Without sanitation and water there can be no sustainable development in health, education and livelihoods, locking people into the cycle of poverty and disease. This year you can give the gift of liberty by providing a safe and reliable drinking source or a developed sanitation option.

$900 Repair a Shallow Well for a Village
$1300 Repair a Deep Well for a Village
$1700 Build a Six Pit Latrine for a School



Education is not free in third world countries. The dropout rate is disturbing and reaches up to 90% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Project Restore’s Ambition to Tuition program assists students with the required education fees and gives children the hope of pursuing a better quality of life. Project Restore also supports and provides teacher training programs, text books and resources to assist the school in offering a successful and competitive education environment.

$15 Solar Lantern
$30 Desk
$300 Sponsor a Student

Learn more about the Student Sponsor Program  


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