10 year old asks for donations to be given to Project Restore!

Mia asked friends and family to donate to Project Restore iMian lieu of birthday gifts this year. When asked why she did this truly selfless act, her Mother explained:

“For the past 3 years, the Plegge family has helped sponsor Rhoda, a (South Sudan) student through Project Restore’s Orphans to Opportunity program. For her 10th birthday, daughter Mia asked her friends to donate to the organization in her honor to help girls like Rhoda receive the education every child deserves.

“I wanted to help more kids in Africa be able to go to school and stay healthy,” said Mia. “Thank you to everybody who donated on my birthday to the cause.”

“No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.” Emma Goldman

All of us here at Project Restore would like to thank Mia for her kind, generous and compassionate heart for others! You are a true gift to Rhoda and an inspiration to us all!

Matching Donation Campaign

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”  –Seneca

Sidra final

Sidra Miller ran for Project Restore in the GO! St. Louis 1/2 marathon on April 7, 2013. She placed a challenge to all friends and family for race sponsorship and said that she would match those sponsorships by 100%.

Sidra raised a total of $3,260 — Sidra gave ALL proceeds (donations and matched amount) to Project Restore to help continue their amazing work of sustainable!

Way to go Sidra!  You brought home the gold for Africa!

Church of 39 raises $10,000 for clean water wells in Africa

Zion Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Fosterburg IL has donated $10,000 to Project Restore for the construction of two clean water wells.  The check was presented to Project Restore’s Executive Director, Catherine Keck, on November 4, 2012.  Construction on the wells will begin in May 2013.

The villages selected for these new water wells are villages that currently do not have any access to safe drinking water. This amazing gift is a true blessing to the communities, that total close to 1,000, and will bring improved health and ensure economic benefits and gains.

“If a church of 39 people can raise $10,000 for Project Restore, think what you can do.” Pastor Mark Stone

Project Restore thanks this very compassionate and loving church that is truly dedicated to the ‘least of these’.

11 year old – scrapping metal for Project Restore

A very special girl with the heart of pure ‘copper’ scraps metal to help raise money for Project Restore.  While other kids are home on a Saturday morning watching cartoons, this precious child is spending her time and effort selflessly to help other students half way around the world.  Kathleen, together with a very sweet neighbor, has been able to raise thousands of dollars for Project Restore’s education cause.

“No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.”

Emma Goldman

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness” ― Esther Hicks

Kimberly’s quite heartbeat for others – 

 In 2011 for her birthday, Kimberly Lorrene Melahn raised an amazing 79 double sized, long lasting insecticide treated malaria nets for Project Restore. Those nets were distributed to children and families living in Uganda, Africa and has helped decrease the cases of malaria by 73% in the past year.

In 2012 Kimberly again selfishlessly asked friends and family members to donate to Project Restore in-lieu of her birthday presents.  Her goal? To raise at least 28 bundles of school supplies for the poverty stricken students in Uganda, Africa. The average African student and classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience and difference for kids. Simple notebooks, pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners can open a student’s world to opportunities. Kim realized this drastic need and was committed to make a difference!  

Kim not only met her goal but she exceeded it!  Kim raised 37 bundles of school supplies!  The school year in Uganda begins in  the month of February.  Project Restore will be sending a team to Africa in January to distribute these very valuable resources to students at a school in the Wakiso District in Uganda.

Thank you Kim for your amazing love and compassion for others.  You are an inspiration to us all!

 Cold Soda and Water for Sale!

Riley, pictured in black Project Restore T-Shirt, was so inspired from a Project Restore presentation at her school, she decided to do something to help.  At a community garage sale Riley, her brother Hunter and some other friends sold cold soda and water to neighbors and patrons to help raise money for Project Restore.  These amazing children raised over $200! Thank you Riley, Hunter and friends, you are such an inspiration and a true example of creativity and self-giving to us all!

UPDATE: As a thank you to Riley for her amazing efforts for Project Restore, the Mayor of Hamel IL, Larry Bloemker, awarded her the opportunity to be the Grand Marshal of the Summer Festival in 2012 and 2013.

Love All Around
Couple’s wedding helps prevent deadly disease

Elisa and David Lawrence shared the love and joy of their January 2011 wedding at Newsong Fellowship Church in Edwardsville, IL with over 100 individuals in Uganda.
In-lieu of wedding gifts, the Lawrence’s guests donated long-lasting insecticidal mosquito bed nets to help prevent malaria in Uganda. Together with their generous family and friends, the Lawrences raised nets for 550 people. “Our guests were very receptive to the idea of donating for nets, and we are all so excited that we were able to purchase so many of them,” said Elisa. “Dave and I feel so blessed that we have met each other at this part of our life’s journey. We simply wanted to help others by our unity.”
Every year, malaria cases result in more than 1 million deaths. Each of the Lawrence’s guests’ nets will cover a double bed in Uganda, protecting two individuals from malaria-carrying mosquitos.
“We are all God’s children, and some of us are blessed to have been born with the nourishment and protection that many of us take for granted,” Elisa said. “Dave and I also wanted to reach out to our friends in Africa to help our children see how, as Pastor Dave says, one act of kindness has a ‘ripple effect.'”

Rachel’s Story

For the past two years through Facebook and Twitter I have asked for mosquito nets for my birthday. Not for myself, but for the people of Namulonge Uganda, Africa.

I have always been compelled to do whatever I can to make a different in this world. Hearing through Project Restore about the need for mosquito nets and the power they have to saves lives, I was inspired.

It started with a goal of 5 mosquito nets, and that grew to 25 nets. Friends gave above and beyond anything I expected. The response was overwhelm

ing. 40 people contributed to my mosquito net drive that I held the week before my birthday for the past two years. 127 nets were purchased.

Translation, 127 lives saved by 40 heroes.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger then me. Malaria is big, but the power and influence that we have within ourselves is much bigger. There is distance in the borders and in the oceans but we are all one.

Katie’s Story

Katie, a second-grader from Edwardsville, IL, heard about Project Restore’s work at a school assembly and was upset to learn that there were children in the world who did not have enough food to eat or milk to drink.

So, even at this young age, Katie decided to get involved and make a difference! All on her own, Katie designed and developed a fundraising program to help Project Restore’s feeding initiatives at the Namulonge Senior Secondary School in Namulonge, Uganda Africa.

Katie started a bookmarker campaign. She designed and sold over 200 bookmarkers and raised $1,000 to buy a milk cow for the Namulonge SS School’s lunch program. She sold her bookmarkers to friends, neighbors, family and even got the opportunity to speak and receive support from the Edwardsville Goshen Rotary club and her church.

It is Project Restore’s great honor to announce that Katie’s cow was bought from one of the farmers from the village, and was delivered to the Namulonge SS School! When Katie heard the news she said, “I am very happy that kids like me will have milk to drink because everyone knows kids need milk to stay healthy.”

However, Katie is not done! She has already raised an additional $300 to purchase a second milk cow for the school! Project Restore commends her great efforts and selflessness for the children of Namulonge!

UPDATE: Katie’s cow was purchased for the school in 2011 and has recently given birth, allowing Katie’s cow to now produce 5 liters of milk a day for the student’s lunch program!

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