Project Restore is always in need of volunteers, and we have several opportunities for you to get involved. No matter how much time you’re willing to commit, your help can go a long way and will be greatly appreciated.

Event Volunteers

There’s never a shortage of Project Restore events going on all over the community, and we can always use a helping hand. Whether it’s help with registration, organization or fundraising, you can help make a big impact on your community and abroad.

Office Volunteers

If you’d like to work at the heart of Project Restore’s operations, then perhaps volunteering in the office is right for you. You’ll be helping with administrative work while learning how a non-profit business operates.

Ambassador Programs

You can become a public ambassador of Project Restore’s humanitarian efforts. We’ll put you through a free 2-hour training program where we prepare you to spread Project Restore’s message of hope throughout the community.  Basic PowerPoint Presentation

To pledge your time please fill out our Volunteer Information Form.

Volunteer Form

To pledge your time please fill out our Volunteer Information Form.

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