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Summary of work to-date:  

— Project Restore has cut the average walking distance to fetch water from an average of 2 miles to 1/2 mile and reduced the average time it takes to collects water from 3 1/2 hours daily to 2 hours!

  • Constructed 2 Shallow Water Wells
  • Repaired 9 Clean Water Wells
  • Installed 5 Rain Harvesting Water Collection Systems and Tanks
  • Tested  Water Sources for contamination and a comprehensive report was produced for the village on the safe water locations
  • Built one six-pit latrine for improved sanitation

First Repaired Clean Water Well – VIDEO

What We Do: Water/Sanitation

Without the initial help Project Restore provides, perfectly good water sources will sit idle, broken and unusable.  The already startling death statistics, which state that 3.4 million deaths each year are associated with lack of water, sanitation and hygiene, will continue to rise (WHO).  Project Restore cannot address the extreme poverty and global diseases without focusing first on achieving access to clean water and appropriate sanitation. 

More than 22 million people in Uganda, or two thirds of the nation’s population, do not have access to adequate sanitation, which perpetuates disease and child mortality (Water Aid).  Project Restore has personally witnessed the effects of the lack of sanitation sources – when the rains come,  human waste and excreta are carried and strewed throughout the community, spreading bacteria and disease among the village, water sources and agriculture sites. 

 Project Restore believes in community partnership.  Project ownership, accountability and long-term sustainability are the responsibilities of the community. When a village is identified as a target for a Project Restore program, the partnering village has to agree to the responsibility of the future maintenance of the initiative.  The partnership with Project Restore requires the village to create a water works committee and a cost-effective business plan and process to maintain its water sources and sanitary facilities.  This process of community partnership has proven to be very successful for the villages to sustain their water wells and sanitation components. To-date the latrine and all water sources repaired and constructed by Project Restore are indeed being maintained and sustained by the individual village communities. 

Providing a clean water source and improving sanitation are the first steps in creating community sustainability.  After a water source is obtained and sanitation is addressed, focus can shift to preventing disease, building livestock and agricultural programs, advancing education, and restoring and improving medical facilities.  The process begins with water but it ends with self-sustainable, prosperous communities.  We look forward to your partnership in our cooperative efforts to reduce diseases due to poor water quality and lack of proper sanitation.  

Water/Sanitation Programs:

Project Restore has made great progress and advances in all four of its community development causes specifically to its Clean Water and Sanitation Projects. The organization has repaired nine fresh water wells, constructed two new shallow water wells, installed five rain harvesting water collection tanks and systems, tested water sources for pollutants and/or contaminates, and constructed one six-pit latrine.

Get Involved

Project Restore is committed to making lives and futures better through its work in all four of its supported causes.  We sincerely hope you will work with us on this journey to make the world a better place for the people of Uganda. It begins with water but it ends with self-sustainable, prosperous communities.  We look forward to your partnership in our cooperative efforts to reduce diseases due to poor water quality and lack of proper sanitation. 

 Thank you for your consideration in partnering with Project Restore. We envision building upon our collaborative success by developing our Clean Water and Sanitation projects with you. Because…. Living SHOULD Be More Than Just Surviving…. and together we can initiate long term sustainable change and help make a difference in thousands of individuals’ lives.  

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