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Summary of work to-date:
  • Developed and installed Ambition To Tuition (A2T) student sponsor program – 43 students are currently sponsored 
  • Developed and installed an Orphan To Opportunity (O2O) student sponsor program – 8 students are currently on scholarship 
  • Microenterprise project – Project Restore has provided meaningful income to skilled artisans to assist with their University expenses and fees.  Project Restore exclusively purchases its jewelry from the Fabulous Friends Organization of Kampala, Uganda.  An organization dedicated to teach and train individuals the art, craft and skill of jewelry making to earn income to support their higher educational advancement. 
  • Held ‘teach the teacher’ seminars for the secondary school teachers with American teachers as well as professors from the leading univeristies in Kampala, Uganda
Purchased and Donated
  • Text books, Library books and Science Equipment
  • A Generator – for when the electricity is not available
  • Two Solar Lamps per student – One for the family and one for the student to study by at night
  • Electricity Hook-up – to 8 classrooms
  • Running Water connectivity
  • Rain harvesting tanks and systems
  • 20 laptop computers
  • A photo Copier-To assist with the daily administration of test coping and material handouts for the students
  • Cell Phones for the Administration staff to communicate with each other as well as with Project Restore
  • An Internet Air Card – To connect the administration laptop to the internet for reference material to assist teachers in their class instruction as well as a tool to communicate to Project Restore
  • A Science Building – to have a secure place to house the science equipment and a conducive learning center for the students
  • Three Libraries – To allow the students a resource for additional reference material and literature
  • A 6 Pit Latrine – For privacy for the boys and girls as well as additional sanitation control
  • School Supplies and Teacher Resources
  • Teacher/Student mentoring/Tutoring Program
  • Supplied each female student (over 750) with (3) washable/reusable sanitary napkin because it was discovered that the female students would stay home from school during their menstrual  period due to embarrassment from inadequate protection.
Because There Should Be Some Fun At School!
  • Built a full sized Basketball Court – complete with nets and backboards
  • Built two 6 swing-swing set
  • Took dozens of basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, jump ropes, puzzles, coloring books and crayons…

Meet the Children – VIDEO  (can you tell when the video viewfinder is turned around?)

 Education is essential to economic development, especially for poor people in developing countries. Citizens who can read, calculate, and think critically have better economic opportunities, higher agricultural productivity, healthier children, and better reproductive health and rights. Fundamental educational skills form the basis for all future learning, but today too many students across the developing world are missing out.

However, increasing access to education must be coupled with improving the quality of education offered. If not, increasing the number of children in school may simply lead to overcrowding, lack of proper supplies, and an unproductive learning environment.

Ambition to Tuition

Ambition to Tuition was developed to provide children with an opportunity to continue their education beyond remedial studies. The program is a 3-to-1 match savings program where each child is paired with a sponsor who’s responsible for two-thirds of the cost of tuition ($30/mo), leaving the remainder of the price up to each child to fulfill ($10/mo). Requiring students to take individual responsibility for part of the cost promotes accountability and self-discipline, and gives them ownership in his or her education.

A2T sponsored students receive: Fee assistance for tuition, text books, labs, uniforms and school supplies, shoes, mosquito net, a solar lamp to study by at night and enrollment in the school lunch program.  Pen pal communication is available between the student and their sponsor.

You can get involved in a child’s education today. Get started by choosing a child to sponsor with one year of tuition support ($30 per month; $360 total).

Orphans to Opportunity
Project Restore is in the process of sponsoring orphans from South Sudan.   The Sudanese Civil War was a conflict from 1983 to 2005 between the central Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. It was largely a continuation of the First Sudanese Civil War of 1955 to 1972.  Roughly two million people have died as a result of war, famine and disease caused by the conflict. Four million people in southern Sudan have been displaced at least once (and often repeatedly) during the war. The civilian death toll is one of the highest of any war since World War II.[1] The conflict officially ended with the signing of a peace agreement in January 2005.
Amidst the abandonment, devastation and heartbreak of war are some pretty brave children who have lost their childhood, their loved ones and the optimism for any kind of a fruitful life.  These children are now just street kids simply trying to survive. 
However, Project Restore cannot stand by and watch the suffering of innocent children.  We are working hard to form partnerships and to raise the funding needed to help these precious children! 
 The Orphans to Opportunity (O2O) sponsorship will provide safety and stability for these children.  The program will supply these children with: Travel to/ from South Sudan, 1 year entry Visas, Passports, a safe living environment, three meals a day, enrolled in a quality school, all school and personal fees (Tuition fee, school admission fee, clothing, towels, socks, under garments, dress shoes, athletic shoes, school supplies, mattress, bed sheets and blankets, solar lamp, mosquito net, 6 uniforms (formal and casual), a trunk for personal items, jerry can for water, room and compound brooms, basins for washing, all personal hygiene items, snack items and drink …),  health and medical care, pocket change and the ability to have access to clean and safe drinking water.  Things they currently do not have.  The sponsorship also will fund the upkeep fee for them during the school breaks.  Due to the closing of the school during the year end holiday, the students will return to South Sudan after the completion of the 3rd term and before the new school year begins
Orphans to Opportunity is a very similar program as the Ambition to Tuition program.  However, there are two major differences — due to the children being orphans, the children will have to attend a boarding school and not a public school and the children also do not have the financial ability or family support structure to be able to participate in the 3:1 matched savings account.  
The annual school fee structures for a boarding school are much higher than the public school annual fees.  However there are several affordable program options that will allow YOU to be a driving force in helping save a child from disease, devastation and extreme poverty and providing the opportunity for self sustainability and hopefulness. 
1)  $180 annually or $15 per month
2) $240 annually or $20 per month
3)  $360 annually or $30 per month
4)  $500 annually or $41.67 per month 
5)   $1,000 annually or $83.33 per month 
6) or $1800 annually and be a full sponsor!

Project Restore urges you to help change the life of another child!

Become an O2O sponsor!


Together, we can help these children in an incredibly desperate situation 1) begin or continue their schooling to learn a trade or prepare for higher education, 2) become accountable for their success and 3) help contribute to the overall health of their community and country.  

Sponsor an Orphan and completely and absolutely change their world!

  1.  Sudan: Nearly 2 million dead as a result of the world’s longest running civil war, U.S. Committee for Refugees, 2001. Archived 10 December 2004 on the Internet Archive. Accessed 10 April 2007.

Renewed Education

Project Restore’s Renewable Education Program helps to spread the gift of education to those who need it most. 

In Africa it is a luxury to have a school library, many students go their entire education career without this valuable resource.   Your organization can help by donating reading, chapter and library books to Renewed Education instead of recycling them. Our program gives these resources a second chance at making a difference in a child’s life.

If you or your school are interested to learn more about the Renewable Education Program,  please contact us at: [email protected]

Download Flyer

School Supply Collections

Project Restore provides students in Africa with the simple school supplies that are essensial for success but that they are unable to purchase for themselves.  Items such as pens, rulers, calculators, dictionaries, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, graph paper, composition books, soap, black shoe polish, shoe polish brush, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, atlases and geometry sets

Your organization can get involved with our School Supply Collections, it is easy and extremely valuable for the students. If you are interested in hosting a school supply drive or donating supplies to this project please contact us at: [email protected]

 Scholarship Fund

Our recently initiated scholarship fund holds great promise for students who qualify. District 7 Students can apply to receive a $500 scholarship from Project Restore to continue their education after High School.  Applications are due by March 15th.   The scholarship program targets students wanting to pursue undergrad degrees in Social Work, Education or Allied Health.  Students that demonstrate a history of commitment to international or community service are preferred.

 Scholarship Application

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