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Summary of work to-date:
  • 5 Milking Cows Purchased
  • 12 Goats Purchased
Microenterprise Development Projects

Produce/live stock is used for the school lunch program and the excess will be sold at the local market – creating on-going program funding

  • A 500 layer chicken coop
  • An 3 1/2 acre Agricultural program consisting of 100 banana trees, 10 bags of potatoes and 13kgs of corn
  • A Rabbit farm initiative
  • Layer and Meat Chicken farms
  • A piggery


With your help, Project Restore can make a difference in the world hunger crisis. By providing tools and resources to villages in Uganda, we are working toward building sustainable food programs. The village of Namulonge is receiving lifestock that they can use for nutritional needs now and in the future.

You can help provide much needed nourishment to the village of Namulonge by supporting hunger relief programs. First choose your livestock.

  • Chicken: $10
  • Pig: $30
  • Goat: $50
  • Meat Cow: $500
  • Milk Cow: $1000

After you choose your livestock, make your donation by clicking the button above. In the ACCOUNT box choose “Hunger Relief” and in the EVENT box type in the livestock you would like to donate.

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